Half Hungarian, half German, journalist. Traveller by heart and vegetarian by birth.

She learned cooking at a very early age from a Serbian and later from an Indian lady. She has lived in several countries, some were kinder to vegetarians than others. Still lot to do there! Gastronomy is the area where she feels most creative. Uta is passionate about ice-cream, puppet theatre, languages (the more the better), dance (from salsa to Bharatanatyam), cycling, yoga, three-letter names, good wine and sustainable tourism. Her favourite spices are cardamom, ginger and garlic.




Mexican world citizen, diplo-chéf. Sometimes  a pseudo-hippi.


Abel studied gastronomy in Guanajato. To finish university he spent a year working on cruise ship where he gathered a lot of experience from other countries. Good and and not so good ones. Already before getting to now Uta he had made his first vegetarian experiments. Abel enjoys chocolate, colourful spices, his family and friends, the Japanese, drawing, bouldering, movies, world reggae and he’s always eager to help people. He loves chilli, coriander and rosemary.




These two met in 2012 in Budapest. Uta made her famous Chana dahl that conquered Abel’s heart… For the moment they live in Munich, and spend their time working, cooking and planning the next big step. Follow us on Facebook or Tweet us @vegsuitcase!

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    • Budapest is awesome, it has so many faces!!! I was living there for two years, before moving to Munich. Originally I’m from Szeged. Well, being a half-Hungarian you might enjoy the recipe that I hope to publish today! :)


  1. I’m sure about one thing, (from my point of view) you could not live only with smoothies. 7 days it’s a long time so congrats’ for you because you succeed!


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    p.s. You have such a BEAUTIFUL recipe blog! I am so glad that I was introduced to it through this connection!

    Warm Regards!



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